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Founded in 2003 by Mr. Azad Omar, Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant is an Iraqi fine dining restaurant operating in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Serving over 3,000 customers per week, the restaurant has become incredibly popular for its authentic Iraqi dishes and oriental setting in the restaurant, which leaves the customer with a unique experience.

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Iraqi cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines dating back to the 10th century. Iraq’s history and culture are interwoven with people who were skilled in the culinary arts. The cuisine of Iraq reflects strong influences from surrounding areas such as Turkey, Iran and Greater Syria; hence it is enormously rich and varied.

Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant stays true to its country’s rich cuisine. Our extensive offering in the menu allows customers to savor and experience a variety of authentic Iraqi dishes. Our appetizers include a mix of fresh salads, hommos, and crisp flatbread. The Kababs are the highlight of the restaurant, followed closely by our lamb dishes, grilled items and rice.

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